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I plan, coordinate and implement projects as part of my job, as a freelancer and as a volunteer. I love the magic at the beginning of a project - when it is still unclear what CHALLENGES you will face, how the TEAM will come together and what the RESULT will look like. I also enjoy watching the project develop, especially when it turns out differently than planned.

What all my projects have in common is that I try to
BRING TOGETHER PEOPLE from different CULTURES, DISCIPLINES and EXPERIENCES because I love to learn from others and at the same time enable others to learn from each other.

Feel free to CONTACT me for workshops, lectures and panel discussions. You can also book me as a consultant for digital projects in the cultural sector. I have an extensive network as well as experience in project management, agile working methods, cost planning and funding structure, etc.


Founded in 2020, the DigAMus Award honours digital museum offerings by German cultural institutions. I founded the award together with two wonderful people - Anke von Heyl and Johannes Sauter. With Katharina Bock, Rebecca Müller and Sonja Thiel we are now a team of six volunteers.


This resulted in the only list of German-language digital museum offerings available online to date, which is being transferred into a knowledge graph (currently over 300 projects) in cooperation with Wikidata.


Since 2022, the DigAMus Award has been administratively supported by the German Museums Association.

3D Picture of the DigAMus-Award sculpture in gold showing a sculpture with VR glasses and leaves on the bottom
Logo of the DigAMus-Awards
Picture of a roomscale projection of an underwater world in the VRlab with a person standing in the room wearing VR glasses

VRlab | Proxy

Since 2018, the VRlab at the Deutsches Museum has offered more than 22,000 visitors a space to virtually discover objects in the museum. Founded as part of the joint project museum4punkt0 it severed as a space to evaluate new forms of digital storytelling. In 2022, the space moved and reopened under the name Proxy.


In addition to the offer for visitors, the space served as an experimental area and sought exchange with art, business, research and teaching via a co-working space. As head of the VRlab | Proxy, I was particularly interested in trying out new approaches to outreach, new formats of cooperation with the cultural and creative industries, and research in the field of extended realities.

The Deutsches Museum has decided to close the Proxy in spring 2023.


"Meaning Making during a Pandemic" was an online course programme developed during the pandemic in spring 2020 as part of the joint project "museum4punkt0" at the Deutsches Museum. The 5 and 6 course units in the two seasons invited people from cultural institutions, cultural educators and (science) journalists. The central concept of the workshop was a multidisciplinary exchange between the course participants and international speakers, who gave practical input on the respective topics.

Season 1 took place with 5 episodes and Season 2 with 6 episodes and an additional mentoring programme for the participants. The topics ranged from Refraiming, Well-being, Accessibility, Engagement, Success to Sustainability. A comic strip and a podcast with summaries of each episode were made available to the participants as accompanying materials.

Season 3 was about how to co-curate online exhibitons in multidisciplinary online workshops. Thematically, we focused on environema the workshops worked with the UNSDGs and are aimed at employees of cultural institutions. Thematically, we focused on environmental issues based on the UNSDGs. In the end, the participants together with artists created two online exhibitions on Instagram and in Mozilla Hubs, dealing with the topics of sustainable clothing industry and underwater noise.


The planning and coordination as well as the moderation were done by Abhay Adhikari and me.

Screenshot of a Meaning Making comic page with a woman kneeling taling about her passion on music as well as the environemnt with a bubble saying: Hi, I'm Aditi! I'm an urban ecologist, songwriter and music composer. I would like to talk to you about my journey of merging these two worlds together!


MRY.Network is an international network for marginalised genders (women, inter-, trans-, a-gender, non-binary and others) working at the intersections of art, science, technology and the life sciences.

Together with four other wonderful women, I founded this

network in early 2021 to create a safe space to share

questions about careers and life and to test new forms of

digital exchange and mentoring.  

The concept of members for members is intended to create regular events as well as mentoring and funding opportunities for collaborative creative projects.

Logo of MRY with a dancing clitoris in front of some waves
Screenshot of a comic showing the six founding members of MRY with a bubble saying: Although MRY is founded by six women we want it to be a place for each and all! Where we talk about everything. Topics that help us all to grow and shine and simply be comfortable with who we are.

Further Interests

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