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Picture in black and white of Andrea Geipel in front of an art installation at the Deutsches Museum wearing a VR headset looking up.

I seek  encounters between disciplines.

I'm a storyteller .

This is me

I am working at the intersection of SCIENCE, ART and TECHNOLOGY.

I've always had so many ideas about what I want to be, what things I want to learn. Studying sport science at the Technical University in Munich was the first time I had the opportunity to get an insight into all kinds of disciplines - medicine, psychology, sociology, material science, computer science, philosophy.... And I loved it.

The PhD in Science and Technology Studies was the next logical step - an opportunity to approach my research interests from different perspectives. What I gained in this process was a keen interest in digital media, in platforms and creative formats of teaching.
As head of the VRlab at the Deutsches Museum, and as facilitator of storytelling workshops, I now have the opportunity to put my research interests into practice.


It took me a long time not only to accept but to love my zigzagging CV. Because that's what makes me strong: I'm good at listening, at connecting people, at learning and creating new things. The unifying element for me is curiosity and storytelling as a form of communication and education.

Teaching  Science Communication
Project-Management Creative Initatives Humanities  Connecting people

SciArt  Digital Storytelling



My research approach is guided by a social science perspective with a strong empirical focus on technology, society and communication. Through my studies, I got to know different quantitative research methods in the natural sciences and then adopted a social science, qualitative perspective with my doctoral studies in the Science and Technology Studies. In my dissertation, I applied a mixed-methods approach to investigate the impact of YouTube's platform politics on expertise concepts in science communication. Now I am also working on issues with a multi-perspective approach in my work at the Deutsches Museum.


  • Digital science communication (opportunities & risks)

  • Interactions between society & digital platforms (e.g. social media)

  • Digital museum & education offerings (e.g. XR - VR/AR)

  • Interplay between art, science and technology (e.g. Research Creation)

  • Participatory research (e.g. Citizen Science)

  • Agility in cultural institutions (e.g. organisational structures & ways of working)


Mit Storytelling in 5 Schritten zu mehr Agilität in der Kultur (2022)
Geipel, A. | In: Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft (Hrsg.): Handreichung zu mehr Agilität in der Kultur


VR/AR – Digitale Räume im Museum (2021)
Geipel, A. & Hohmann, G. | In: Mohr, H.; Modarressi-Tehrani, D. (Hrsg.)
Museen der Zukunft - Trends und Herausforderungen eines
innovationsorientierten Kulturmanagements | Transcript

​​„Don’t Act Like a Teacher” – How Science YouTubers become Experts (2021)
Geipel, A. | Technische Universität München (open access)

Transparenz schaffen und Austausch fördern – Ein MediaLab am Deutschen Museum (2021)
Geipel, A. & Sauter, J. | In: Steinau, C.; Kockerd, C. & Vocht, J. (Ed.): Staging the Lab. Schriftenreihe des Cultural Policy Labs 1.

Das digitale Objekt – Zwischen Depot und Internet (+ AR-App) (2020)
Geipel, A.; Sauter, J. & Hohmann, G. (Hrsg.). Deutsches Museum Verlag.

Interventionen in die Produktion algorithmischer Öffentlichkeiten: Recommender Systeme als Herausforderung für öffentlich-rechtliche Sendeanstalten. (2017)

Pöchhacker, N.; Burkhardt, M.; Geipel, A.; Passoth, J-H. | kommunikation@gesellschaft, 18. Jg., S.25.


In my courses, I focus on enabling participants to acquire knowledge independently, to critically question it and to apply it to their own projects.

For me, a modern and reflective teaching concept - especially around the topic of digital communication - includes the integration of socially relevant topics such as gender, diversity and sustainability. To do so, I apply teaching methods that are as practical as possible, that foster the exchange with social representatives as well as the promotion of critical reading.

From a research perspective, the teaching of scientific methodological skills as well as a multidisciplinary and project-oriented approach are the cornerstones of my teaching.


  • Digital Science Communication - Practice & Theory

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Project and Time Management

  • Professional networking for students


Picture of CRYPTID by Michael Candy (AU) displayed during the Ars Electronica 2019


During my Master's degree at the Technical University of Munich, I worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Sport Psychology, where I was responsible for the EEG (electroencephalography) lab and taught psychoregulation, relaxation techniques and project management. During my PhD, I was a research assistant in the digital|media|lab at the Munich Center for Technology in Society at the Technical University of Munich, where I focused on research and teaching of digital science communication.

Since 2018, I am working in the digitisation department at the Deutsches Museum as a project coordinator for the area of 3D digitisation and visualisation in the joint project museum4punkt0. 2022, I became deputy head of the digitisation department coordinationg several projects focussing on digital storytelling and digital museum offers. As head of the VRlab I am responsible for the presentation and evaluation of virtual and augmented reality content.  I am centrally involved with the topics of digital storytelling, digital museum offers and the connection of scientific and technical content with digital art. Since 2021, I work freelance alongside my job, developing and facilitating online workshops to support socio-cultural projects. I also work as a consultant and mentor and give talks and lectures on topics like Digital / Virtual Storytelling, networking and co-production in multidisciplinary cultural workshops.

Picture of Andrea Geipel - a woman with red hair, blue eyes, big yellow earrings, a black sweater and a black jacket.

I connect people from different disciplines to start new creative projects

I love to realise projects with more than one perspective. Especially when it comes to communicating scientific topics, I find it exciting to involve not only the scientists, but also artists, practitioners and others. For me, a topic only becomes exciting and understandable in its entirety when you have looked at it from all angles - with each new perspective you learn something new.

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